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COMMENTS ARE OFF The comments i received are beyond everything i ever saw on youtube. Pure racism,hatred,disgusting humiliations. Comments that made me disable the comment section.Comments that make me shock. This is a family friendly channel,for fun,education and entertainment. We have so many nationality on this channel,we are a happy community that loves music and respects each other. I am a teacher,business owner and advocate for Children that are abused and neglected. I just flew to a Workshop to manila to help those children. Thats the spirit i am trying to bring on this channel. Help and educate. Its a channel free of hate,of racism of politics discussion. I am not a murder or pedophile,that has to receive every day pure evil comments. I am a teacher and a happy married women. No one in the internet nor vocal coach or others has to receive this amount of disgusting comments. I saw on other Videos of other vocal coaches, the same amount of abusive Comments. That is not okay and that is not right. No one has to take this hate on a daily basis for literally No reason. I made in total to 2 Videos to Indian singers. The first was shreya Goshel. There where a lot of complaints about that i made a "Break down/Analysis" as a "Western" Vocal coach. That i dont know nothing and need to "fuck off". In the video of arjit singhi just stayed quiet and hoped for people to give me useful educational commentary's. I asked you in the first minutes of this video ".please educate me and leave me your thoughts about your music,i want to learn more" Some of you did and i enjoyed it and i am thankful for that. Again thank you. But reading everyday under a video "white stupid whore" "go fuck yourself" "you are disgusting" " white trash" "you are a piece of shit" No,thats enough. Please have in mind that my audience are not from wealthy countries c sThe people that contact me on the majority from this videos is to "have sex or exchange numbers" " stupid white bitch". It is my fault that i didn't close the comment section earlier. We have students,children that see your comments,children that take examples and think its normal to humiliated people. No youtuber or "normal person" should get hate just for being alive,of white,or black,or brown or whatever. I do by the way have two lovely Indian students and my cousin lives with his family in Mumbai. I do have indian friends that i see every friday at sant mat. I also volunteered last year at a Temple for Guru Nanaks birthday. The pictures are also on my FB. But for now i have to close the comment section and will leave the Music world of india behind. Again thank you for everyone that enjoyed the video,for the positv feedback and for the nice comments. Please continue to enjoy and put a like if you like the video :) Please consider to donate a small amount to a organisation against child trafficking in manila at Kanlungan. Video Credits ▪ABOUT ME▪ When i was younger i was heavy bullied in school for many years. Speaking up for myself?No way! I was always fat and fat shamed all my life.. My mother was a drinker and life was a struggle . I worked as a waiter,bartender,in shops etc.while i studied. Terrible times. I got discover by a Producer when i was 16 and I got a pre-record deal by universal years later and got dropped. The loss was heavy,my manger,my producer,my Band and my music. Music i could never use again. I was broken and felt half a year later into a depression. After i graduate i became a teacher in 2011 and it was the best decision of my life. Meanwhile i was still producing music but teaching turned out to be my path. I saw myself in my students,struggling with the same problems,confronted with life and feeling like i felt. I saw the hope in their eyes,the feeling of being understood and how i could help changing their life. I saw the passion for the arts,i saw their passion for growing. I dedicated my life for people to never feel how i felt. My Mission is helping people to use their voice as a weapon! Use your Voice to get strong and Kick ass! Facts Where do you live? ➡I'm from Hamburg,Germany but live in Singapore What is your profession? ➡I am a professional studied singer,actress ,Vocal and Drama teacher🎤🎤🎹🎼 I studied in Germany and worked for :stage school,stage coach,On Stage,Universal music etc. as a Vocal and Theater Coach. Some of my Students went into the THE voice Kids show and work in the Music Industry.