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(Current Affairs) Guests: Kashif Abbasi (Anchor,Analyst),Saleem Bukhari(Journalist,Analyst),Irshad Bhatti (Journalist,Columnist),Saleem Safi (Journalist, Columnist, Defence Analyst) Does Shah Mehmood have 'issues' with Jahangir Tareen? Kashif Abbasi's analysis Irshad Bhatti's analysis on PTI ministers' in-fighting Is criticism on recent wave of inflation justified? Why hasn't Nawaz Sharif visited hospital yet if he was ill? ARY News Official Youtube Channel, For more video subscribe our channel and for suggestion please use the comment section.

11th HourWaseem BadamiKashif Abbasi (AnchorAnalyst)Saleem Bukhari(JournalistIrshad Bhatti (JournalistColumnist)Saleem Safi (JournalistColumnistDefence Analyst)